Serving Size (Rei/Nagisa - NSFW)


Written as a part of an art-trade with thecojsz. The prompt for this was established ReiGisa getting into a really big fight and trying to make up.

(For information on commissioning me, please see here!)

Title: Serving Size
Pairing(s): Rei/Nagisa
Rating: NC-17
Length: 7,301 words

Also on AO3.

Stop! Rei-chan, what are you doing? I’m telling you to stop!”

Nagisa yanked hard on Rei’s arms, but the taller man did not relent at all. He kept tearing bags and packages open and throwing their contents into the trashcan angrily.

“I just bought those snacks! Stop wasting it all! Rei-chan, stop it!” The end of his sentence was shrill and loud, and it was what finally made Rei cease.

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